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Facts You Need To Know About Macular Degeneration

Going by what researchers are saying, macular degeneration is one of the primary causes for severe loss of vision specially for people who are above the age of 60. This form of degeneration takes place when when the central area of the retina commonly known as macula deteriorates. The light sensing nerve tissue at the back of the eye is known as retina and this disease takes place only with age and the gradual deterioration. This type of deterioration takes place with age, hence, it is known as the age related macular degeneration (AMD). It results in visual disability to a significant extent.

Types of Age Related Macular Degeneration

  • Dry Form – The dry form of macular degeneration takes place due to the presence of yellow deposits in the macula. The yellow deposits are known as drusen and a few amount of it might not affect the vision. But a large portion of it is responsible in distorting or dimming the vision. In the advanced stage of dry macular degeneration, the light sensitive layer of the cells present in the macula tends to get thin that results in the death of the tissue. The atrophic form of dry macular degeneration shows patients have blind spots in the center of the vision and in the advanced stage of this form, patients may lose their central vision.
  • Wet Form – The growth of abnormal blood vessels from the choroid under the macula is often characterized as the wet form of macular degeneration. The blood vessels tend to leak fluid as well as blood into the retina and this causes a distortion in the field of vision. All this affects the way people view things, so much so that all straight lines tend to look wavy. The abnormal blood vessels tend to scar the area and is responsible for permanent loss in vision.

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Unfortunately, the early stages of macular degeneration cannot be easily identified till the time comes when it affects the vision. The initial symptom of macular degeneration is blurry spots and dimness when trying to view things. And with time, the disruption in the vision increases even the blurriness and the dimness.

  • Blurry and dark areas in the center of the vision.
  • Changed or diminished color perception in the field of vision.

Are you facing any of the above mentioned symptoms? Then check with your ophthalmologist right away and get the required treatment done.

Treatments Available for Macular Degeneration

  • Anti Angiogenesis Drugs – These are basically medications that can block the development of new blood vessels and the leakage from the abnormal vessels.
  • Vitamins – Certain vitamins like C,E, zinc, beta-carotene and copper helps considerably in decreasing the chances of loss of vision.
  • Laser Therapy – The high energy laser light can be used actively to destroy the growth of abnormal blood vessels that is responsible for macular degeneration.
  • Low Vision Acids – Devices that have an electronic system or special lenses can produce an enlarged image of the nearby objects.

These are some of the crucial facts that you need to know about macular degeneration.

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