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Do’s and Don’ts on the Day of Cataract Surgery

In the age of rapid developments in the health care sector, undergoing a cataract surgery is not a big factor. Generally an effective and safe procedure, it takes maximum 30 minutes for an eye surgeon or cataract specialist to complete a cataract surgery. The success result of such is near to 100%. But then again, that depends on how well you are prepared for the surgery.

Why the Success Rate is not absolute?

Pre-surgery medicinal advises and routines prescribed by your ophthalmologist are important. You should be thorough about what cataract is all about and what necessary precautions you need to take before and after surgery. If necessary, pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I ready to follow the steps prescribed by my doctor?” Also, while discussing with your ophthalmologist, he will ask you questions pertaining to your medical background. Don’t hide anything from your eye surgeon. Knowing your medical background will only help him to plan the surgery. The onus lies on you.

The D-Day: Are You Prepared?

It’s an entirely safe procedure. A safe pair of hands will operate your eye to cure the blurred vision you have been experiencing. So, don’t worry and relax. But yes, it is always important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically on the day of the surgery. Post-surgery phase is important too and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost!

What You Should Do on the Day of the Surgery

  • Follow medicinal advises: Follow preoperative instructions as prescribed by your surgeon. That will include not eating or drinking anything post midnight on the day before your surgery.
  • Take help from your family members/friends: Ask your close ones to accompany you to the hospital on the day of the surgery. Talk to them as much as you can. That will relieve you from any kind of stress.
  • Arrange a vehicle: Make arrangements for a vehicle to and from the hospital. The entire procedure including checking-in and out of the hospital may well take more than 3 hours. Ask your driver to wait till the whole process is complete.

What You Should Not Do on the Day of the Surgery

  • Don’t panic: Any sort of stress prior to your operation isn’t a good sign. It not only affects you mentally, but also makes it increasingly difficult for the surgeon to carry out the task smoothly.
  • Don’t lift heavy objects: An absolute no-no. Ask your eye surgeon to know more on this.
  • Take it easy: It’s a safe process. There’s no need to hold a negative notion. Stay positive and take it easy.

 Do you have a cataract? Have you consulted an eye surgeon yet?

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