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How to Combat Glaucoma Naturally

Glaucoma is the world’s second most cause for blindness. This eye diseases is becoming more common and damage to your optic nerves causes vision loss.

Glaucoma has no obvious symptoms in its initial stages, so it is pretty difficult to detect. Those with a family history of glaucoma should be alert as it is a hereditary disease. Only an eye doctor can determine for sure whether you have glaucoma, based on special test results. Glaucoma treatment can range from eye drops, oral medication (pills) to laser treatments and even surgery.

People with chronic glaucoma may have no symptoms till damage has already been done to the optic nerve. It is for this reason that glaucoma has been called the silent thief of sight. Some symptoms that can be associated with glaucoma are blurry vision, poor night vision and peripheral vision, as well as bumping into things on the side.

Here are few tips to help you keep the “silent thief of sight” eye disease at bay:

Diet – What you eat plays an important role in preventing glaucoma. Adding a lot of dark colored berries, such as including blueberries and cranberries to your diet helps. Dark berries can reverse macular degeneration in the eyes. Berries strengthen the capillaries which carry nutrients to optic nerves and eye muscles.

Exercise – We all know that exercise is the best possible way to stay fit and healthy. It is not surprising that exercise prevents glaucoma, especially a combination of sprint, aerobics and strength training.

Insulin Level – If you suffer from diabetes, then your chances of getting glaucoma goes up. Diabetics have high insulin levels, that cause blood pressure to rise. This can increase the pressure on your eyes. If you want to prevent the problem of glaucoma for good, then keeping a check on your insulin level is very  important.

Trans Fats – Omega 3 fats in your body are extremely important for the health of your eyes. Trans fats interfere with omega fatty acids. So if you follow a diet that is high on trans fats, then it can create the problem of macular degeneration and the corresponding problem of glaucoma. So you need to prevent trans fats at all times and discard it completely from your diet.

Glaucoma treatment involves frequent follow ups, often multiple visits a year to your eye doctor, in order to keep the disease under check. At visits made to the eye doctors or glaucoma specialists, the patients are informed about all aspects of care and their glaucoma treatment options. Once started, glaucoma treatment should be considered a lifelong process, that can fight the progression of the disease.

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