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Can Eye Injections Really Cure Dark Circles?

Not many people are aware that getting shot with eye injections for removal of dark circles underneath the eye and filling the tissue next to the eyes with the fillers like collagen can also have their set of complications. Most people want to look good and presentable at all times and hence doesn’t let aging grasp over their beauty. That is the simple reason why they prefer using eye injections to enhance their beauty quotient. For instance, one of the most common eye injections is Botox.

Can you get eye injections on the eye lids?

Many people suffer from drooping eyelids and to overcome them, they prefer getting eye injections on the eye lids. However, most companies that deal with soft tissue fillers insists that the doctors should not inject on the eyelids as it can cause complications.

Effects of getting eye injections on the eye lids

There are many people who complain that after getting eye injections on the eye lids, they have noticed visible lumps on the cheek and the eye areas along with severe swelling of the eye lids. Most of their doctors mentioned that the problem is not curable. But a more serious complication can lead to the injury of the eyes that might damage the vision.

It is always recommended that if you are concerned about the drooping eye lids or dark circles underneath your eyes, you should visit a reputed eye specialist in Gladstone Park and get yourself treated. Only an experienced and a reputed eye specialist in Gladstone Park will be able to help you get eye rejuvenation treatment. He will be able to correct the puffiness underneath your eyes and also correct the dark circles with proper medications. Some of the eye specialists Gladstone Park also recommends a form of plastic surgery that can correct the dark circles underneath the eyes. This type of surgery is known as blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is the permanent solution for the removal of dark circles underneath the eyes.

It is important to undergo treatment for your eye infections or beautification under an experienced board certified eye specialist Gladstone Park. Unless the surgical treatment is done under an expert, the filler injection can get injected into one of the numerous blood vessels that can drain the eyeball and cause injury and blindness. Worst that can happen if you visit an inexperienced doctor is, he might inject the filler into the eye itself causing immediate blindness and other serious damage.

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