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5 Tips to Save your Vision

Our eyesight is one of our greatest gifts and only a fool would care to throw it away. Just as we do everything in our power to maintain a fit and healthy physique, so must we pay equal attention for proper eyesight. Here are some tips that would help us to save our eyesight

Proper Diet

It is necessary to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle for good eyesight. Include lots of green vegetables and leaves like spinach in your diet, which are a good source of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. Include nuts and citrus fruits in your diet, as well as fish and egg yolks as they are sources of DHA and lutein respectively, immensely helpful for improving vision.

Eye Care

It is important to care for the eye to prevent damage to the eyes. Wear sunglasses and prevent yourself from squinting. Do not stare at the computer for long hours and always use anti- glare. Wear protective eye gear if you are doing heavy mechanical work or working with chemicals to prevent it from getting into the eyes.

Regular Check Ups

It is important to go for regular check- ups so that you know at the very onset if there is something wrong. One of the predominant factors for total blindness is the lack of early diagnosis- most eye illnesses are curable if they are diagnosed at an early stage or at least, the process can be slowed down considerably. Knowing your family history can also help in early intervention.

Quit Smoking

It is of utmost importance that you stop smoking if you want a good eye sight. More so, if you are already suffering from any eye problems. Smoking can effect the inner lining of the eye in more ways than one and can cause age related macular degeneration, not to mention a host of other problems in the body, ranging from asthma to even cancer.

Caring for Lens

Those who already have to wear lenses to improve their vision must also know how to care for them. They are not meant for overnight use and it is advisable not to wear them for more than three hours at a stretch because the eye needs to breathe as well. The lens should be washed in solution before and after every usage and should be always handled with clean hands.

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