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5 Eye Exercises to Improve your Vision – Part 2

There are quite a few simple things that we can do to keep our body fit and healthy and one of them is to exercise regularly. However, we can do the same for our eyes and improve our eyesight. Some of them are as follows:

Up and Down Viewing

Sit straight with the legs stretched in front and keep the back straight. Place the left hand on the left knee and the right hand on the right knee with thumbs pointing upwards. Slowly raise the left thumb to the eye level and inhale while doing so. Next, lower it slowly while exhaling. Repeat with the right thumb. The entire process should be done at least 5 times for best results.

Nose Tip Gazing

Sit on the floor in a cross legged manner with the back straight. Lift the right arm and form a fist with the thumb pointing upward. Focus on the thumb. Start bringing the thumb slowly towards the tip of the nose and follow the gaze, while breathing in. Hold the thumb for sometime and then gradually move the arm away, while breathing out. Repeat for at least 5 rounds.

Near and Distant Viewing

Stand straight by the window with a distant view. Look towards the tip of the nose and hold your gaze for ten seconds. Then look outside towards the view. After twenty seconds, look towards your nose tip again. Repeat for about ten minutes. Try not straining your eyes to your nose if it is too uncomfortable holding the gaze for long.

Eye Massage

Take two towels. Dip one in cold water and the other in hot water. Alternately press them on the eyes, with special focus on the eyebrows, and cheeks. Repeat the entire process for about five times and be sure to end with a cold compress. However, be sure not to use extreme temperatures. The idea is to relax your eyes and use temperatures that are comfortable.

Eye Roll

Sit with your back straight on a chair and look straight. Then rotate your eyes three times in clockwise motion and three times in an anti clockwise motion. Close your eyes for a few minutes and repeat the process. You can also end the exercise by pressing the first three fingers on the upper eyelids. Close your eyes and press the fingers and release them lightly.

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